OpenCall closes its services with Vodafone network. From 17.2.2017 we will available only in O2 network.

How can I switch to Opencall powered by O2 SIM?

Buy new “OpenCall powered by O2” SIM card

Send your new phone number from old SIM to 778 820 820

Insert & activate the new “OpenCall powered by O2” SIM card

Your remaining credit will be automatically transferred


If you want to keep your number please call *88  and we will take care of everything.

Please note that activated services will not be transfered, so please
use your credit before upgrading to the "OpenCall powered by O2" SIM card.

SIM cards operating on Vodafone network will be subject to new DH Telecom tariff „basic“ from 17.2.2017. Its PRICELIST can be found here

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