How to TOP UP

Looking for the best way to TOP UP your credit?
Please have a look on the different possibilities offered to you or go directly to TOP UP MAP.

Online TOP UP Sazka
  • The best way to TOP UP after the online TOP UP is with your Sazka TOP UP Card. (Delivered with your SIM Card).
  • TOP UP in more than 4900 locations within Czech Republic. Every retailer offering Sazka solution is clearly identify with Sazka Logo on their door.
  • To recharge with SAZKA give the SAZKA card with phone number and barecode to the staff in any Sazka point.
  • ATTENTION: To recharge with SAZKA, you need your OpenCall SAZKA Card. If you lost it, you can print one by filling in your OpenCall phone number and clicking on "GENERATE"
Phone number *

  • Would you like us to send you a new SAZKA card by post? Just fill in the form bellow and we will send it to you within 78hours. This service costs 100,-Kč for a new SAZKA card and 100,-Kč for postage, packaging and cash on delivery. In case you wish deliver new SAZKA card to one of our partner´s spots here: OpenCall shops in Prague there is no payment for postage, packaging and cash on delivery
Europay terminals
  • Pay by Cash using EUROPAY Terminals service in shops, shopping centers and public places! An easy and simple way to top up your OpenCall Prepaid card.
More than 50 locations in Prague
E-VA Terminals

  • Top Up your credit at ZABKA stores, TESCO, petrol stations and numerous newsagents.
  • You simply need to ask for a printed eva coupon for OpenCall mobile, and ask for the amount you need to Top Up. (Info: OpenCall is a new mobile operator, in case of problem please precise to the cashregister to use e-va terminal from lekkerland)
  • How it works
  • E-VA terminals retail places
  • It is possible to Top UP in any CESKA POSTA (Post office) with SUPERCASH.
  • When you activated your SIM card, you received a message with your Supercash code. If you can’t find this message, dial *110*0# and we will send it to you again.
  • To recharge credit in Česká pošta with SuperCASH, submit your SUPERCASH number to the desk. The staff will exectute the payment to APOST.
OpenCall coupons
  • Coupons are available in our e-shop or at selected business partners (depending on stocks at individual stores): Valmont, Traficon, Citi Tabák and Relay (most stores).
  • How to TOP UP with a coupon
    • Dial the following combination and press the call button:
      *100*10 digit coupon# (without spaces).
      Example: *100*1234567890#.
      You will receive a message confirming the action
    • Do you want to recharge a friend’s or family member’s SIM card from your phone?
      Dial the following combination and press the call button:
      *100*10 digit coupon number* Phone number to be recharged
      #Example: *100*1234567890*778123123#