Payment transaction and Premium SMS

  • The option to enter a payment order, based on which goods and services provided by partners could be paid for from the credit is activated on prepaid cards by default. The list of partners and their contact info are available on and on The duty to issue a bill rests with the partner upon Subscriber’s request.
  • Subscribers can activate/deactivate their payment transactions after dialling customer line no. 778 820 820 or *88 (from OpenCall mobile network).
  • Payment orders can be placed in a form of audiotext call, sending SMS to a special number (Premium SMS, Donor SMS) or by confirming the order on the Internet (m-payment).

 Audiotext call

  • The number to which the audiotext call is made has the following form - 90X AB CD ZZ, where X represents the service character, AB stands for the minute price or for a connection incl. VAT and CD ZZ identifies the partner. The total transferred price for prefixes 900, 906 and 909 depends on the call interval, minute rate and minimum charged call interval, and the prefix 908 is charged with a fixed rate for executed calls regardless of the interval.

Premium sms

  • Premium SMS: the ordering Premium SMS MO is texted to 7-digit (90y AB XY) or 5-digit (90y AB) numbers, where ‘z’ indicates the type of service, AB indicates the partner and XY the amount to be paid in CZK.
  • By texting the ordering SMS MO to a 5-digit number the Subscriber provides their consent with transferring the sum or more sums to the partner, provided that the partner texts back a confirmation Premium SMS MT from an 8-digit number 90z AB XYZ, where XYZ refers to the transferred amount in CZK. In response to one ordering Premium SMS MO, the Subscriber may receive more confirmation Premium SMS MT, depending on partner’s offer, with the sum to be transferred to the partner’s account based on each confirmation Premium SMS.
  • Reception of confirmation Premium SMS MT can be cancelled by texting STOP NAME OF THE CANCELLED SERVICE to the number, to which the Subscriber has texted the ordering Premium SMS MO. The Subscriber may cancel all confirmation Premium SMS MT and transfer of sums for services provided to the Subscriber on the respective phone number by texting Premium SMS MO reading STOP ALL. Texting Premium SMS MO to a 5-digit number and texting cancellation Premium SMS is charged as a standard SMS according to the Subscriber’s tariff.