General information

  • Misuse of benefits provided within a tariff or marketing event: Misuse means, among others,
    • (a) artificial or automatic generation of calls or SMS,
    • (b) use of benefit primarily for gaining any other financial benefit for the Subscriber / third party in access of the provided benefit at the cost of O2
    • (c) use of benefit beyond the expected maximum by the Susbcriber i.e. above the volume of 10 000 minutes of calls or 10 000 SMS/MMS per month(If the billing period of a specific benefit or price within a specific bundle is shorter than a standard billing period the number of units will be proportionally reduced).
  • O2 has the right to apply standard tariff charges unless the Subscriber proves that this was a standard use of service. Misuse is forbidden.
  • Bonus credit – a credit offered to the subscriber during O2 marketing campaign. The bonus credit is valid for one month unless otherwise specified in the conditions of the marketing campaign. The validity period of the bonus credit will not be prolonged through a standard credit top up. The acquisition of the bonus credit will not prolong the validity of the standard credit. The bonus credit cannot be used for payment transactions and calls to premium numbers.
  • Data volume – the lump-sum price of a tariff or a bundle will include a basic volume of data for a prepaid period that will be automatically renewed up to three times within the prepaid period depending on how the subscriber uses their data. Making a data connection after the exhaustion of the data volume is considered to be an explicit request for further provision of services through the data volume renewal. Each renewed data volume can be used only within the given prepaid period of the data tariff or bundle. Drawdown of data beyond basic data volume is charged per unit price of data volume renewal based on the corresponding tariff. Renewal parameters can be set up in the application. Automatic data volume renewal does not apply to the Mobile data charged according to the rates of use.
  • Connection to O2 -ate for the setup of connection to subscriber numbers of the O2 Mobile voice service, the Bleskmobil and O2 Family services.
  • International rate - it is applied to calls from O2 subscriber numbers to a number with a prefix different from +420.
  • Special rate - trate of outgoing call and SMS - equal for all tariffs. No free unites are applied.
  • Rate per SMS specified for each tariff - rate of outgoing SMS to Czech mobile operator networks - does not apply to SMS charged by special rate.
  • Free minutes / toll-free calls - free calls up to the defined limit of minutes or specific destination and time of call applied during a given billing period to national rate of calls subject to charges. This does not apply to calls to premium numbers.
  • Free SMS / toll-free SMS - toll-free SMS applied in the given billing period to outgoing text messages to all Czech mobile networks.
  • Roaming - is a service that enables using O2 services in the networks of foreign operators subject to roaming agreement. Roaming can be used in any territory covered by the signal of the foreign operator.
  • Video-calls – the same terms and conditions and fees apply to the connection as the fees for standard calls in the given direction.
  • Změny podmínek tarifů - v současné době probíhají migrace účastníků tarifů, které již nejsou  v aktuální nabídce. Tarify, na které jsou účastníci migrováni,  a jejich podmínky jsou účastníkovi oznamovány formou SMS nejméně 31 dní před změnou.

Overview of connection and billing method in the Czech Republic

Type of call Billing method
Outgoing call National rate - by the tariff
Outgoing Video-call National rate - by the tariff
Outgoing call to Colour linesNational rate to fixed lines by the tariff
Outgoing call to Voice box            (960 xxx xxx xxx)
National rate to fixed lines by the tariff
Payment transaction
Special rate
Outgoing international call
Special rate
Outgoing international Video-call
Special rate
Outgoing call to Information and Operator services
Special rate
Outgoing international call -  NetCall *55
Special rate
Data and fax communication
Special rate
Sending of SMS / MMS from O2 SIM card
National rate - by the tariff
Sending of SMS from OpenCall SIM card to fixed lines and international numbers
Rate CZK 4,90 incl. VAT 
Sending MMS from O2 SIM card to international numbers 
Rate CZK 7,90 incl. VAT  
SMS from Internet - paid service
National rate - by the tariff
Emergency calls:
  • 112 - Emergency line
  • 150 - Fire services
  • 155 - Ambulance
  • 156 - Municipal Police
  • 158 - Police
Free of charge
Public service line:
  • 116 000 - Hotline for missing children
  • 116 111 - Safety line for children and adolescents
  • 116 123 - Confidence line offering emotional support
Free of charge
*88; +420778820820 - OpenCall lineFree of charge
numbers with 800 prefix
  • Free info lines in the Czech Republic
Free of charge
Numbers with prefix:
  • 972 - Czech Railways network
  • 973 - Ministry of Defense network
  • 974 - Ministry of the Interior network
  • 95 - Other on-public networks
Rate for calls outside of the OpenCall network
91x xxx
  • 91x calls - IP telephones
National rate to fixed lines by the tariff
Colour lines
  • numbers with prefix 81, 83, 843, 844, 845, 846, 840, 841, 842, 847, 848 and 849
National rate to fixed lines by the tariff


One-off fees and monthly fee for SIM card services

Service Price with VAT
Activation fee for OpenCall prepaid service *1 99,-
Identification of malicious/nuisance calls (the price includes 1 - 5 numbers) 250,-
Backup of contacts on subscriber's storage media 99,-

*1 Activation fee is related to the costs for service activation and SIM card distribution. It is included in the price of OpenCall prepaid kit.

How to active the SIM card?

  • Activation of our new SIM card is very easy - activate it by outgoing paid call or SMS. You will be informed about activation via SMS. 

Credit Top up

  • Separate O2 vouchers.

Credit and SIM card validity

  • A prepaid card is valid for 12 months since the latest top-up. The common credit gained by standard top-op shall be ascribed to the Subscriber 24 hours after the top-up at the latest. Validity of the credit (common and bonus) depends on the value of the one-off top-up and is determined by the top-up with the longest expiration. The validity of the bonus credit does not depend on the validity of common credit.
  • From 1.1.2017 won´t be possible to use the initial credit for payment transactions and calls to information lines. 
  • The highest possible value of the sum of the common and bonus credit is CZK 200,000.
Top-up value (in CZK)  Validity
0 - 99 45 days
100 and more
6 months